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Brisbane Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing | Pool Fencing Solutions can design and install a variety of frameless glass pool fences. Contact Mark from Pool Fencing Solutions to arrange your glass pool fencing installation in Brisbane today.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing
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Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fences are a luxurious and elegant pool fence design that provides a safe and effective pool barrier without compromising on style or sophistication. Semi-Frameless Glass Pool fencing is easy to maintain, yet provide a stylish and classy aesthetic that will add an air of sophistication to your pool area.
Semi-frameless glass pool fences is suitable for use as any pool fence, whether an existing pool fence or adjusting existing pool fences. The fencing can be fixed directly onto existing concrete, limestone or paved surface making it an extremely versatile pool fencing solution.
Unfortunately with the new QLD Pool Fence Legislation, there are many fencers that do not know the legislation thoroughly which can lead to big problems down the track when it comes to getting your Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate. At Pool Fencing Solutions, we specialise in the QLD Pool Fence Legislation and guarantee our semi-frameless pool fence installations and repairs will meet the legislative standards.

Stylish Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fences installed by Pool Fencing Solutions are comprised of toughened 8mm or 12mm glass panels held in place with both aluminium or powder coated posts that are of superior strength and have corrosion resistant properties to ensure the structural integrity and strength of the pool fence is maintained for longer.
The semi-frameless glass pool fences installed by Pool Fencing Solutions provides all of the benefits of a clear glass pool enclosure with the additional structural support of timeless balustrade posts.

Advantages of Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

  • Attractiveness: Great to look at, and simplistic and ultra-modern in design, a semi-frameless glass pool fence has sleek edges and is easy on the eye
  • Extra Space: Semi-frameless glass pool fences give the illusion of more space in the back yard and pool area
  • Easy to Maintain: While timber fences can rot and aluminium fences can rust, a Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence does not require any major maintenance as it can stand the rigors of bad weather
  • Safety: Not only does a semi-frameless glass pool fence allow greater visibility to the pool, but with no footholds, access to the pool area is virtually non-existent
  • Blends with other Décor: As a semi-frameless glass pool fence is transparent, any kind of furnishing you choose for the pool area will blend well and stand out as the major design element
  • Durable and Tough: The panels used in a semi-frameless glass pool fence are toughened so breaking the fence is virtually impossible unless extreme force is applied to it

Pool Fencing Solutions can help assist you in selecting the products and design a seamless pool fence for the ultimate in style and safety. We use a high quality toughened glass in all of our semi-frameless glass pool fences, manufactured to meet the strict safety standards and Queensland pool fence legislation. Providing a beautiful and lasting pool fence enclosure, you can rely on Pool Fencing Solutions to help you achieve the perfect semi-frameless glass pool fence design for your specific requirements. Contact Pool Fencing Solutions today for an obligation free chat and see for yourself why we are Brisbane’s first choice for pool fence solutions.