Pool Fence Regulations

Queensland Pool Fencing Regulations. Ensure your pool fence is constructed to meet all the latest pool safety standards. Pool Fencing Solutions have been working with the pool fence regulations since the introduction of the pool fence laws in 2010. For more information on the pool fencing services offered in Brisbane, contact Mark on 0400145645 today.

Since December 2010, the Queensland Government implemented new pool safety legislation that requires any house being sold or leased having a pool safety certificate. These certificates prove that the fencing and gates comply with the pool safety regulations, and are safe for children. Safety certificates are only be issued by a licensed pool inspector and are in effect for two years for private non shared pools or 1 year for a shared pool.
You are not required to obtain a pool safety certificate by November 2015 unless you are selling or leasing a property with a pool. Regardless of whether a pool safety certificate is required or not, all pool owners must ensure their pool complies with the current pool safety standard by November 2015.
QBCC and local council authorities will undertake random compliance audits of swimming pools to ensure pool owners are complying with safety standards after November 2015. On-the-spot fines of up to $796.95 and further penalties up to $18,785.25 can be imposed on pool owners if their pool fence does not comply with the law.

Pool Fence Diagram
Pool Fencing Diagram 1
Diagram of the location of the 900mm Non-Climbable Zone and 1200mm Additional Clear Area.
Queensland Pool Fence Diagram
Pool Fence Diagram 2
Location of the 900mm NCZ and the 1200mm ACA outside of the pool fence.
Pool Fence Restriction Panels
Pool Fence Diagram 3
Regulations regarding the installation of restriction panels on pool fencing in QLD.
Pool Fence Diagram 4
Balconies adjacent the to the pool enclosure
Boundary Pool Fencing
Pool Fence Diagram 5
Boundary Pool Fencing - Make your boundary fence compliant without disturbing your neighbours.
2400mm high pool fencing
Pool Fence Diagram 6
Using a 2400mm high mesh fence as your pool barrier.