Aluminium Pool Fencing | Brisbane

We install aluminium pool fencing throughout the greater Brisbane area. If you are in need of a new pool fence, re-design of an existing pool barrier or just need some repairs to your fence or gate, Pool Fencing Solutions Brisbane have the necessary experience and knowledge to get the job done. For all your aluminium pool fencing installation and repairs in Brisbane, contact Pool Fencing Solutions today.

Aluminium Pool Fencing Installation
Aluminium Pool Fencing
Installation and Repairs to aluminium pool fencing throughout Brisbane.

Aluminium Pool Fencing in Brisbane

Aluminium Pool Fences are a tried and tested pool fence barrier that provides a safe and effective pool fence but also looks great no matter what the surrounds. Low maintenance and quick to install, aluminium pool fences are an affordable and popular alternative to the frameless or semi-frameless glass fencing systems.
Aluminium Pool Fences are a durable and stylish pool barrier and the panels provided by Pool Fencing Solutions are rustproof and have an exceptional corrosion resistance so they are guaranteed to withstand the harsh weather conditions found in South East Queensland.

Pool Fence Repairs and Installation

At Pool Fencing Solutions, we specialise in the installation or repair of aluminium pool fences as well as the Qld Pool Safety Legislation to ensure all work and materials are guaranteed to meet both legislation and the Australian standards. They style and look of your Aluminium Pool Fence is a personal decision. At Pool Fencing Solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your aluminium pool fence is compliant under the Qld Pool Safety Legislation.
Typically made with tubular upright bars joined by upper and lower rails, Aluminium Pool Fences make for a stylish and chic pool fence solution.
Aluminium Pool Fence Panels are available in a wide range of colours and designs that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your pool area:

  • Flat top fences have vertical tube bars that are fixed and welded inside flat horizontal upper and lower rails
  • Loop-top fences have sections of tubular pipe bent through the upper rail so that each section of pipe forms two vertical bars rather than one
  • Double-top fences have two upper horizontal rails with decorative metalwork incorporated. This results in a similar effect to the loop-top design, with a shorter section of vertical bar than in an equivalent height flat-top fence

Aluminium Pool Fence Installation and Repairs in Brisbane

All Aluminium Fence Panels installed by Pool Fencing Solutions are a stylish pool fencing solution and feature rust-proof properties which makes them an effective and long-lasting pool fence. Solid, hassle-free and cost-effective, an aluminium pool fence requires little to low maintenance for the home-owners.
If you require aluminium pool fence repairs or installations, contact Pool Fencing Solutions today for an obligation free chat and see why we are Brisbane’s first choice for all pool fence requirements.

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